Step 11: Still in the MSPaint, select your entire avatar and "Copy" it. Go back to Adobe Photoshop, make a new 'Untitled' document and "Paste" your avatar in it. Then go to File-->Save For Web. A new window will pop open.

<< click thumbnail for the full view

**Make sure that you're saving your avatar as a "GIF" -- just below the word "Settings" there is an option as to what kind of image you want to save it as (see above).**


Step 12: In the window that just popped up, you'll see a "Color Table" that shows the colors thatyour avatar has. Click on the color that you want transparent. Below the colors table, click on the icon that's right next to the numbers "256" -- the icon that looks like a checker board. See the picture below if you're still confused.

See the two places circled in red? First, select the color you want transparent (bright magenta in my case), and press the checker board icon after you've selected the color you want transparent.

Like the picture above, your avatar should be free of the color you selected transparent. Once you've done that, click "Save" and save it as whatever name you want. And we're done.


Final Product: Now that you've saved it, upload it to the internet, and take a look at your hard work.

This concludes my avatar tutorial; I hope you've found it useful and enjoyable for web designing.