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Layout Description
This layout features Kurama (aka Shuuichi Minamino) from the Yu Yu Hakusho anime. Definitely one of my favorite characters. I decided to (lightly) title it "Every rose has thorns...even Kurama," since I felt it describes people's initial view of Kurama. When most people meet him, he comes of as a sweet but weak boy due to his kind personality and 'delicate' appearance.

So it does come as a surprise when it is discovered how much of an amazing fighter he is; not to mention he can be a ruthless killer. It goes to show that even the most beautiful and fragile looking things can...well, be deadlier than we think.

Using this Layout
Once you've downloaded the file of this layout, open and extract all the files using a program like Winzip or Filzip. All of the 'img' image files are the layout's top design. You'll also see four 'menu' images and three 'content' images. Both sets make up the design of each menu and content boxes.

The two files to edit are index.html and style.css. index.html is this 'preview' page that you're viewing now; it's the HTML coding of the layout. You can either replace the content in the tables with your own stuff, or copy the HTML into your existing site's files. style.css contains the CSS coding for the layout, such as the font and headers. You may also edit if you wish.

Credits & Disclaimer
The layout's credits and disclaimer are located in the menu. I would really appreciate that you retain both while using this layout. Thanks goes to Agaru! Yu Yu Hakusho for the wonderful images of Kurama, and me for designing the layout.

The disclaimer is also there to credit and acknowledge Yoshihiro Togashi as the creator of Yu Yu Hakusho, and that it is copyrighted to him and his affiliated partners (e.g. Fuji TV, FUNimation Entertainment). This layout was made for non-commerical purposes, and it should be only used for that reason/purpose, too.

If there are any other questions and concerns, please contact me via email at: Thank you.