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Below are sites that we have link exchanged with. If you would like to link exchange with Lovely Designs, then please contact Christine by clicking here. Thank you. =)

A steadily growing graphics site that aims to provide you with quality graphics (such as avatars, layouts, wallpapers) including extras like tutorials and contests for visitors to enjoy.

A graphics resource site dedicated to Avatar: The Last Airbender -- here you'll find icons, layouts, signatures, and many more featuring all of your favorite characters from the series.

Deadly Nightshade has a wicked variety of graphics -- avatars, wallpapers, layouts -- featuring anime, game and celebrities; there are also extras like comics/fanart and awards for fun.

A small graphics site with a batch of wonderful wallpaper goodies -- featuring anime and celebrity figures -- including PNGs and a few, charming silhoulette arts.

A resource site featuring mostly anime and celebrity graphics -- from layouts and avatars, to banners and signatures -- with several side stuff for visitors such as fanfics/art, poetry, mp3 rotations.

A small anime and game graphics site -- with avatars, blinkies, cursors, and pixels -- that also include downloads and interactive features like wallpapers, blends, brushes, and polls.

A new graphics site with several kinds of graphics -- layouts (div layers, iframes, tables), icons, wallpapers, signatures -- and other extra goodies like AMVs and fanfiction.

Morticia Designs is a brand new graphics site, starting off with a couple set of graphics -- such as sidekick themes and intricate pixels.

A re-opened site, starting out with some avatar templates and layouts, plus information and videos on a few anime; there are upcoming stuff such as tutorials and other graphics.

An anime community where members can talk with each other in the forums, and/or upload their favorite anime videos to share with everyone.

Formerly known as Anime Graphx, this site offers many anime and game-featured graphics, ranging from layouts, avatars and templates, to PNGs and wallpapers.

An spectacularly large information site for anime lovers (site is written/typed in Japanese).

Afterlight Designs strives to provide the best quality graphics possible -- offering things such as layouts, avatars, wallpapers, banners and signatures.

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