This is a layout featuring Ginny Weasly from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Currently I'm using this design on my Harry Potter clique but decided to share it. Enjoy!

To use this layout unzip all the files and upload them to your own server. make afile called ginny.css copy the contents off the orgianl ginny.css file and save you will have to make an inxex.html file and also an gingin2.html file for the iframe. Please do not change the file name unless you know what you are doing. Also please do not direct link everything. the only file you will need to edit will be the gingin2.html file that will be where you add your updates and such. The navigation are the little squares at the bottom. Please remember this is an image map/iframe layout.

This is a linkware layout meaning that you must link back to my site if you use it. Please do not just use the coding and use your own images this coding was made for this layout. Also do not edit or try to add your own logos to the graphics. You will only ruin the graphics. Please leave a clear link back to my domain and Lovely Designs.

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