About This Layout

This layout is called "Side by Side" and features both Sango and Miroku from the anime, Inuyasha. ^_^ It's a pretty dark layout, but nonetheless, a cool inline frames layout, especially for Inuyasha fans. ^_~ Thanks to TheDBArchives.com for the image of Sango and Miroku, too!

The Layout's Files

There are 12 files total for this layout. Below I'll list them and basically what they're there for:

秒ottom.html-just the bottom part of the layout; a blank page to be exact. You don't need to do anything to the page. It can be left alone.

浜eft.html-the left side of the layout. Plainly same as bottom.html. You don't need to do anything for this page, either, as it's already set for you.

瓶ight.html-the right side of the layout. Same as the bottom.html, and left.html

不bs_bb.jpg-a small blank button; an extra I included with this layout. See below for more information on the extra.

不bs_index.html-the main file that holds the inline frame layout's coding. You can basically just leave this alone. Note that the name of the sbs_main.html iframe is "main" (prior to when targeting the links on your site).

不bs_left.jpg-the left side image of this layout. Essential for this layout. You can basically just leave this file alone.

不bs_main.html-the file where all your main contents go. Like the main section for all your contents.

不bs_menu.html-the file where your links go. Similar to sbs_main.html, except this is where your links would go.

不bs_middle.jpg-the middle section of the layout's complete image. Essential just like sbs_left.jpg; you can leave the file alone.

不bs_right.jpg-right section of the layout's complete image. Like sbs_left.jpg and sbs_middle.jpg; you can leave this file alone, too.

不bs_style.css-the file that holds all the CSS stuff; font, colors, headings, etc. You can edit this file and change some of the colors and/or fonts if you want. Although I recommend that you just leave the colors the way they are to be honest.

付op.html-the top side of the layout. Like the bottom, left, and right html files.

Using This Layout

The only files that you'll really have to deal with is the sbs_main.html, sbs_menu.html, and sbs_style.css (if you want to change the font and/or colors in the layout, otherwise, leave it alone). Edit the file sbs_main.html and basically just replace all the contents there with your own. Once you're done with that, then edit the file sbs_menu.html and replace all the links and such with your own (leave the 'layout's img. from' part and 'layout by' part there, though- see below for more info.) Also remember that for your links, target them to the name "main" too (see "The Layout's Files" about that). It's part of targeting your links on your site. ^_~


With this layout, I included an extra that you could also use; it's a blank button. You can use it as in means for others to link back to your site if you want(don't forget to give me credit for it, though). Below's how it looks like:

Copyright & Credits

Again, if you are going to use this layout, please leave the "Layout by:" and "Layout's img. from" part alone; it links back to my site and TheDBArchives.com, where the layout's image came from. Both that site and mines have the right to be credited since I created the layout, with the help from that site having the needed resources(image), too. So please, leave them there, below all your other links. Also at the very bottom of those, don't forget to replace "your name/site" with your name or site name, too. Don't use the layout if you don't plan to follow this, please. You may contact me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com if you have any questions or concerns about the layout that you'd like to ask me.

That's it; hope you like the layout! ^ _ ^