--> About this Layout
Been a while since I made a frames layout (honestly...they take quite a long time to make ^^;;;), but anyways, here's a frames layout for you! =) It features the quick-tempered, half-demon Inuyasha from the anime...well, Inuyasha! XD I edited out the original background that was behind him and added in my own background (abstract art, so to put); I hope you like it. ^_^ Much thanks goes to Sengoku Jidai for the original image of Inuyasha.

--> Using this Layout
All images included in the .zip file are necessary for this layout--so don't go deleting any of them. "blank.html" is just a blank page needed for the empty areas of the frames layout; so just leave that alone. You needn't really do anything to "index.html" as well...except input your site's name within the opening and closing 'title' tags that is, but that's about it. Don't go messing around with the coding of the frames in "index.html" or things might be screwed up. ^^;;; "main.html" is the main section of the frames layout, while "menu.html" is the menu section; so edit both of them and replace the contents there with your own contents (do not delete the Credits in the menu section, however). And if you happen to not like some of the colors or fonts I've chosen, then you can go to "style.css" for that. ^_-

--> Credits
As I mentioned, there is a Credits with two links below it in the menu section. Please do NOT remove those two links from this layout, or as you use this layout. Credit goes to Sengoku Jidai for the (original) image of Inuyasha, as well as me (at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together, not to mention I also made the abstract art featured behind Inuyasha in this layout. Do not be so mean as to go claiming this layout as your own, please. =( However, if you do not want to have the Credits in the menu section, then you can make a separate Credits page and give (visible) credit to both sites over there. If you have any other concerns prior to this layout, then please contact me at the following email: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Enjoy this layout!! ^_^

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