About this Layout
Hehe, a non-anime layout this time! ^_^ Hope you like this frames layout--I think I did quite the good job at the abstract work for this one!! ^_~ LoL. Also added a mixture of some lightning with it as well. I titled this layout "Shattered Visions." I'd also like to give special thanks to DaFONT for the Civilian font which I used for the title in the layout (Shattered Visions). ^-^

Using this Layout
Basically all images contained in the .zip file for this layout are essential to the layout--don't delete any of them. 'header_1.jpg' is for the headings in the main section, while 'header_2.jpg' is for the headings in the menu section. 'blank.html' is just a blank page for the solid background places around the layout--so you don't really have to worry about that. 's_index.html' is what you'd call your "homepage"--where all the frames coding is...so it'd be best if you not tamper with that and just leave it the way it is. 's_main.html' is the file that has the coding for your main section of the layout--it's also been frame named "main"--so if you want to every target any links within your site...just put target="main". ^_~ 's_menu.html' is the file where your menu section is. So basically....edit both 's_main.html' and 's_menu.html' and replace the contents there with your own contents (leave the "Credits" in the menu section please....). And if you happen to not like the fonts and colors I chose for this layout, you may go to 'style.css' for that and edit things to your own likings.

In the menu area, there is a "Credits" section with two site links. Please do not remove it and leave it there. I (at Lovely Designs) have the right to be credited for creating this whole layout (and from scratch), as well as DaFONT where I got the Civilian font from (*sighs* where would I get my fonts without DaFONT... ^_~ LoL.). I would appreciate it if you left the credits there...but if not, then you can either provide it on your main page, or on a separate "Credits" page and give credit to me and DaFONT there. If you have any other concerns with this layout, please contact me, via email, at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Hope you like this layout. Enjoy! ^-^

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