Layout Information
A div layers layout featuring Tsukasa and Subaru from the anime .hack//SIGN. I blended several images of the two characters, along with some added effects--faded lines, words, abstract art--for the final look. I had intentions to give this layout a blue color scheme. But I think the softly mixed blue and orange color scheme really works well for this layout. The title "Watching over you..." was picked because I kind of fell in love with the storyline of this anime, and the friendship between Subaru and Tsukasa.

Using this Layout
All of the image files included in are a part of the layout; so, obviously, you shouldn't delete any of them. Index.html is this 'preview' page, which also has the coding of the layout. Either replace the content in this file with your own, or copy the coding to your own files. You may also edit style.css if you're not satisfied with how I set some of the CSS-coding (scrollbar, font, font color).

Credits and Disclaimer
Layout credits and disclaimer can be found in the menu. Under no circumstances are you to remove those credits/links. Thanks goes to Anime Cubed for the images of .hack//SIGN, DaFONT for the fonts used, and me at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together. The disclaimer is also there to credit those who own the anime, and to lay claim that you are, indeed, only using this layout for your personal, noncommercial use.

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns with this layout, please contact me at: Thank you.

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