Layout Information
A div layers layout featuring Dark and Krad from the anime D.N. Angel. Three other images of Dark and Krad were blended into the fourth (largest) picture. Various designs were done to give its' final look. I took some snippets of the layout image to create the smaller design above the menu. The name "Opposites Attract" was inspired by the fact that Krad and Dark are...well, opposites. Their names are spelt backwards ("opposite") from each other (Dark and Krad, Krad and Dark), and they're enemies. Or from what I've read from fansites and Wikipedia. So it does seem "ironic" to see the two of them together in the layout image, don't you think?

Using this Layout
All the image files included in the .zip are a part of the layout -- so don't delete any of them. The index.html is this 'preview' page, which has the coding for this layout. So you can either use that file and replace the content in there with your own, or copy the coding and put it into your own files. You may also edit the style.css file if you're not satisfied with some of the colors and fonts I've chosen to go with this layout.

Credits and Copyrights
Credits for this layout are located in the menu. Under no circumstances are you to delete those credits as long as you're using this layout, please. You may place the credits (and link back) on a separate credits page, instead, if that is what you prefer. Thanks goes to Anime Cubed for the images of the D.N. Angel anime, DaFONT for the fonts that were used in this layout, and me at Lovely Designs for designing this layout. D.N. Angel is copyrighted to their respectful owners and I do not claim to own them, nor be in affiliation with them.

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns with this layout, please contact me: Thank you.

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