Layout Information
A divide layer layout featuring a couple of characters from the game Harvest Moon. Images featured were blended together with the light help of abstract art acting as a background. Flower and bubble brushes were also used for an added effect -- to give it a cheery autumn, or a sort of naturish, look.

Using this Layout
All images files included in the .zip file go with this layout; so don't delete any of them. Index.html holds all the coding for this layout. So you can either upload the index.html to your site and replace the content their with your own stuff, or you can copy the coding from the file and paste it into your own files. You may also edit the style.css file if you don't agree with me on some of the fonts or colors I've chosen to go with this layout.

Credits and Copyright
The layout credits are listed in the right menu of this page. By no means are you to get rid of them so long as you use this layout -- do NOT remove them. Credit goes to Harvest Time for the images; VOID brushes for the, well, brushes used; and a link back to me at Lovely Designs for creating the layout. If you don't happen to like the credits listed there, you may go ahead and create a separate credits page, instead, and give credit (plus the link back) to the sites there. Original images of the game Harvest Moon, including the game itself, belong to their respectful, copyrighted owners. And I, in no way, claim to own them.

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns with this layout, please contact me at: Thank you.

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