This div layers layout features Reno of the Turks from the popular game and its movie, Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children). The title "Say WHAT?!" was inspired by the shocked expression of the largest closeup of Reno on the layout. Don't worry: if you haven't seen the movie, yet, I can assure you that those are certainly NOT the words Reno says at the time of that particular expression. Several effects and filters were used to create the final look for this layout. The several buttons of Reno are the navigation for this layout.


All images included in the .zip file go with the layout -- don't delete any of them. If you'd prefer to make your own navigation, then feel free to delete the little navigation buttons if you don't plan on using them. If you're not satisfied with the way I set the CSS for this layout, you may also go to the style.css file for that -- edit it to your own likings. Lastly, the index.html file is where the coding of the layout is located at -- edit that and replace the content with your own, etc.


The original images of Reno were captured by me through the help of PowerDVD and the (Japanese version) Advent Children DVD I bought. So, I'd like to hope that credit basically goes to me for capturing the images and putting this layout together. At the very bottom of this page, replace 'Site Name' with your site name, and 'Your Name' with...well, your name. LEAVE THE LAST TWO LINES WHERE THEY ARE. Credit goes to me for the layout, and we musn't forget that credit does go to Square-Enix for the wonderful creation of Reno and the images, as well as Reno is copyrighted to them. If you'd rather not have the credits there, then fine -- you're welcome to make a separate credits page and give credit (plus a link back) to both sites there.

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns with this layout, please contact me at: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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