About the Layout

I always did wanted to make a div-layout, so here it is! I made one recently before, but no-near as good as this one. It seems easy to make, but I had some troubles with this one, mostly the image itself. The layout features ... from Chobits, yeah I don't really know her name or Chobits for that matter. Although, I think her name is Chii, but I do not know for a hundered percent! I always liked seeing her in layouts, so I thought about using her aswell. The main colour is pink (of course as you can see) & some purple patterns. The background considers a abstract art, but I do not know where I got the images from... Anyway, I hope you'll like this one! & please do not remove the credits at the side, because I know where to find you!! ^^


The Name

I choose the name "perfect love" as of the colour of this layout. I had this name in my head for a long time & considered to use it here. I love the name & I love the layout & I think it suits. I'm not good at making fine titles in the layouts, but I think this one seems alright, pretty purple with black shadow behind. I also wanted to call this "Pink Rose" as what the background looks alike, but "Perfect Love" seems a lot better, don't ya think!? XD



I made a extra Avatar for you to share. It didn't took long, so you can use whenever you want.




1)Click the link to download & unzip the layout out of the file.

2)Do not remove the link-style, or changing anything for that matter

3)Please ask me if you have trouble with this layout!