About the Layout
I was going to make this a tables layout...but I switched gears and decided to make it div layers. ^_~ Anyways, this is a div layers layout...not titled, however. The abstract art featured was made by me (and my Adobe PS), too.

Using It
After downloading the .zip file, go to the index.html and replace the contents in the "menu" and "main" div layers with your own (leave the "Credits" however). All the images files included in the .zip file are important to the layout; don't delete any of them. And if you don't like the font, font colors, or scrollbar colors I've chosen, then you can go to style.css for that and edit things to your own likings.

As I mentioned, in the "menu" div layer, there is a "Credits" section with Lovely Designs link at the bottom. With all do respect, do NOT remove my link while you are using this layout, nor be mean and claim this layout as your own. I have the right to be credited for this layout. If you don't want to give me credit there, then make a visible Credits page and give me credit, there. If you have any other concerns prior to this layout, then please contact me at this email: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Enjoy the layout! ^-^

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