Hello, hope you like this layout! ^^ This is a div layers layout titled "Reality...", featuring Momo from the video game, Xenosaga. Got the image of Momo from Avalanche Online, too. I've pretty much enjoyed making this layout. ^_~ The background behind Momo and her "duplicates/shadows" was created using distortion, polar coordinating, and polygon creating in case you're wondering. I also had to split the main image in two for faster loading instead of having one huge image file taking forever to load, too.


Once you've downloaded the .zip file, extracted all the files, and uploaded them onto your site or wherever your site is hosted, go to the .html file reality_index.html, edit the file and replace mainly all the contents there with your own; both the links and main contents. If you also want to change the colors and/or fonts for some reason, you can go to the file reality_style.css and change the fonts and/or colors there with your own. The files reality_top.jpg, and reality_bottom.jpg are the two files that make up the main image like I was talking about a while ago, too. File, reality_bg.jpg is the background of course, and don't forget to follow the pattern of the headers in the contents and links section: reality_bar.jpg is for the contents section for your headings, and reality_bar2.jpg is for the headings/subjects in your links section. The CSS in this layout is not too heavy.


I've also included an extra image file with this layout: it's a small button--the file name is reality_bb.jpg. You can use it as an enter sign when people visit your site or use it as a link back that others can use to link back to you. Please bear in mind that I only want the button used with this layout. ^_^; If you'd like to use the button for an enter sign or link back but don't want to use the layout, please ask me for permission first. You may email me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. And please DO NOT take this button to add to your graphics site or collection unless you plan to give me credit for it. Below's how the small button will look like:


Don't forget that if you also plan to use this layout, you must link back to me, too. Below's the copyright linking back to my site (Lovely Designs); DO NOT remove it. I deserve the right to be credited you know. Don't forget to also replace "Your name/site" with your name/site, too. There's also a link back to Avalanche Online in the copyright since that's where the image of this layout originated from.

That wraps things up, enjoy!! ^^

Your name/site. Layout by: Lovely Designs.
Image from: Avalanche Online.