About this Layout
Romantic layout, no? ^_~ This layout features the couple Squall and Rinoa, from the game Final Fantasy VIII. This (div layers) layout is titled "My Love for You..." Anyways, thank you so much Eyes On Me for the image of the two together!! ^_^

Using this Layout
"m_index.html" is the main file of this layout--so go there and edit the file by replacing the contents in the main and menu section with your own (leave the "Credits" in the menu section there, though, please..). And if you happen to not like the colors and/or fonts I chose, go to "style.css" for that and edit things to what you desire. All image files (except "extra_avatar.gif") are important for this layout, so don't delete any of them.

Yes, I included one extra graphic with this layout: a 60x60 avatar. If you plan to use it, don't forget to give me credit for it, please. Otherwise, you can just delete it since it's not really essential for this layout to work or function properly. A visual of it is below:

In the menu section, you will see a "Credits" followed by two links below it. With all do, please do NOT remove that. I (at Lovely Designs) have the right to be credited for making this layout, as well as Eyes On Me for where I found the (original) image of Squall and Rinoa at. So please be kind and respectful as to give both sites credit and not claim this layout as your own. If you don't want to put the credits in the menu section, then take the alternative: make a separate "Credits" page and give credit to both sites there. If you have any other concerns with this layout, please contact me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Enjoy this layout. ^_~