About this Layout
Hope you like this layout! ^_^ It's div layers, and features three characters from the anime Digi Charat (I'm not sure of their names...seeing as how I haven't really watched the anime ^^;;). I was planning on making this layout pink...but the color it is now seemed to have fit more better. ^_~ Many thanks goes to Animelab.com--where I found the image of the three Digi Charat characters!! ^-^

Using this Layout
"u_index.html" is your main file...or basically the homepage of this layout. Anyways, edit that file and replace the contents in the main and menu sections with your own (leave the "Credits" in the menu section there, however, please...). And if you happen to not like the colors or font(s) I chose for this layout, you can go to style.css and edit things to your own likings. All image files contained within the .zip file are also important--so don't delete any of them.

In the menu section, you'll see a "Credits" with two links below it. Please do NOT remove that or the links: I (at Lovely Designs) have the right to be credited for making this layout, as well as Animelab.com for where the (original) image of the Digi Charat characters in the layout was found at. So please, be respectful and give credit when and where it is due. If you happen to not like giving credit to us in the menu section, then take the alternative: make a separate "Credits" page and give credit to us there. If you have any other concerns on this layout, then please contact me throught email at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Enjoy this layout!! ^-^