About the Layout
Hello there. ^_^ Hope you like this layout--heavy abstract, with Angel Sanctuary's mysterious Setsuna engulfed in it! Wasn't really expecting to put Setsuna in this layout in the first place...but ah, it just sort of all came together. ^_~ This div layers layout is titled "Engulfed in Chaos" by the way. Special thanks goes to Anime Cubed where the original image of Setsuna was found.

Using the Layout
Shouldn't be too hard to work with this layout. Your "homepage" file is e_index.html, so edit that file and replace the contents in the main and menu section with your own (*leave the "Credits" part in the menu section though...). And if you are not really satisfied with the font colors, scrollbar colors, or font type that I chose for this layout, you can go to style.css for that, and edit the file to your own likings.

Extra Graphics
Yes, I have included three extra graphics with this layout. One 60x60 avatar, as well as two 88x31 blank buttons. You can use them if you want (don't forget to give me credit if you do, please), or just delete them, since they're not necessarily needed for the layout to work. Visuals of how they look like are below:

In the menu area, you'll see a "Credits" section. Since this is a (free) linkware layout, please leave it there; I, Rikku Girl, at Lovely Designs have the right to be credited for making this layout, as well as Anime Cubed for providing the original image of Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary. If you don't want the credits, there, then you can do the alternative: make a seperate "Credits" page and give credit to both sites there. If you have any concerns on this layout, please contact me, via email, at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

Enjoy!! ^_^

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