More about these great affiliates!

The wonderful domain and collective of Fiona, a long-time affiliate of Lovely Designs. It's filled with a variety of readings and visuals for visitors to amuse themselves with. I find it very enjoyable looking through her site, especially what's under her "Stuff Box" section. *wink*

A beautiful graphics site managed by Annie. Creating a nice range of graphics--from avatars and templates, to blinkies and layouts, and also tutorials--I love looking through all that she has to offer to her visitors. She also provides visitors with a gallery of pictures they may also use.

The very first, and one of the most gorgeous SquallxRinoa dedicated sites (I've) seen out there. Although she doesn't update as much as before, Brittany (owner) has provided her visitors with a lot of Squall and Rinoa information and their relationship. Along with some side information about the rest of the game. There's also a lot of visuals for visitors to enjoy--wallpapers, fanart, adoptables...a lot. Her layout features a lovely drawing of Squall and Rinoa done by the one and only her with her amazing drawing skills.

This fabulous graphics site is also the collective and personal site of kIKi (one of my hostees). From the layout to the content, her site is decorated with a colorful assortment of great graphics, with other interesting writings and content for visitors. A great place to search for some graphics, and for people who want to learn and get to know kIKi more, too.

An Inuyasha-dedicated graphics site managed by Niki-chan. From the site's layout to the graphics, she's produced a gracious amount of Inuyasha-themed graphics for Inuyasha fan and lovers. Of course, she hasn't forgot about her other visitors, for she's also got into the production of creating side graphics that aren't Inuyasha-based, too.

I originally affiliated with Lynn through her own graphics site, Hime Designs. But with its closing, we have then switched affiliation connections to her wonderful awards site, Prestigious Awards. There you can nominate your site for various awards. The categories range from 'best domain', 'best personal', to 'most original.' You can also apply for a regular set of awards.

A spectacular graphics site created by Ryuku. Previously known as Star Scrapbook (when we first affiliated), Dis-order is stocked with several delightful graphics for visitors to enjoy and use. From avatars to full-on layouts, there's even wallpapers you can use to decorate your desktop. (Psst! You should check out the avatars!) Best of wishes to Ryuku with her graphics site.

This dashing site is filled with wonderful graphics for both offline and online use: such as layouts, winamp, avatars, and wallpapers. Visitors can also amuse themselves with 3-Dish interactive games: tetris, pool, and even bowling. You can also visit the rest of the Haru-Haru [dot] com Network -- including the Haru-Haru Forum.

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