Layout Information
Hello! This is a tables layout featuring Sakura, Keroberos, and Watery from the anime CardCaptors Sakura. A few images were basically blended together, with abstract art and color dodges also used for its final, light-ish look. I also did some icicle/crystal blends considering the biggest feature is Watery. I wanted the design to show a little of the water element, aside from the images of the anime.

Of course that's why this layout is also in a bright blue scheme. The menu at the top left was also designed to imitate cracked ice/frost. The background for the headers were made using the gradient tool (with two different tones of blue), and a diagonal pattern-fill.

Using this Layout
There are several images included in the .zip file, which you should not delete as they're all a part of the layout, EXCEPT titlebg.jpg, which is just the background for the headers. You can delete that if you don't want a background for the headings, or have your own. The coding for this layout is quite heavy in tables. So when you edit index.html where all the coding is, you'll see I've pointed out the content and menu section (ie. !-- CONTENTS SECTION). You can also edit style.css if you want to make any changes/updates with CSS-related attributes.

Credits and Disclaimer
Below this is a fourth heading with "Layout Credits," followed by two links which should NOT be removed from this layout. Of course, you're free to move the layout credits to another separate, visible Credits page on your site if you already have one and would prefer it that way. But please don't claim this layout as your own making. Credit and much thanks goes to for the beautiful images from the particular anime episode, with some credit to me (at Lovely Designs) for putting this layout together.

Below that, you'll also notice a short disclaimer. You may also move this to a separate Disclaimers page (or if you already have one), but I would appreciate it if this not be removed from the layout, as well. This acknowledges and credits the respectful owners of those who created the Cardcaptor Sakura images, as well as giving credit to the anime/manga's copyrighted owners (CLAMP). I made this layout for noncommerical purposes, so it should only be used for noncommercial/personal sites.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me via email at: Thank you, and enjoy!

Layout Credits
Cardcaptor Sakura images from:
Layout made by: Lovely Designs

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Cardcaptor Sakura Images belong to their respectful, copyrighted owners.
Layout for noncommerical purposes; no infringement intended.