Yeee Haaaw! This here is our easter themed table layout! Some of you may recognize that cute little bunny up there. Lemmie explain this one. First off, i lack drawing ability with the mouse, and it seems you can't find good bunny images over the internet, so i used an image of the oh-so lovable Happy Bunny! lol.
And don't worry if you don't know Happy Bunny!
This is pretty much a simple tables layout, but i myself really love this one! I tried to keep the same colour theme all around, as i'm sure you've noticed by now lol.

How to

Alrighty, to use this layout for yourself, just do the following:
    1. Download the .zip file from our site.
    2. Unzip all files onto your hard drive
    3. Open the file 'index.html' and edit the content and navigation
    4. Save all work and upload all files onto your server.
There yah go! Easy no?


Yay! You got extras this time! Don't you just love me? lol! You have 2 avatars and 1 button!