Past Looks of Lovely Designs: Page Five

--Version 2--
Cute and pink! This layout was made of several swirls, with some distortion effects embedded with the swirls. The main image for this layout was huge, however, so the file size was pretty big. Making loading a bit more slow than the last, including more bandwidth used. Despite the negatives, this layout was hugely favored; and stayed on the site for quite a long time.

--Version 1--
Lovely Design's first layout, which was pretty simple. It featured a purple, swirling tornado with some distortion done, and the words "Lovely Designs" in bold as the main image. This design was up for most of the beginning when Lovely Designs opened, until the layout was lost when Spacecities (where Lovely Designs had been hosted for a mere, few days) closed. =( By then, version 2 was created and released, making it impossible for a thumbnail to be provided.

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Layout Credits & Copyrights
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Fruits Basket // Adobe ImageReady 7 // DaFONT // Melissa (feedback)
...Fruits Basket images were scanned from its DVDs...

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