Past Looks of Lovely Designs: Page Four

--Version 7--
A layout as flashy and lovely as the last one. However, this layout didn't stay up as long as most of the others--probably 1 to nearly 2 weeks only. The change was sudden, but this layout quickly grew boring since it was similar to the previous layout...except more simplified. Plus, the design was still preferred as to be made in div layers, not really tables.

--Version 6--
A very flashy, lovely layout; both bright and hypnotizing. Many visitors also enjoyed this eye-catching layout. A new set of effects I learned; and happily, the results were fantastic. This layout was up for quite a long time. Despite the layout's somewhat dark background, the main image "kept the light on" and brightened the place.

--Version 5--
Lovely Designs first layout that's based on an anime. Featuring Lucifer from Angel Sanctuary; dearly loved by many fans. Lots of colors were included in this one, for once, and overall this layout turned out great.

--Version 4--
A very favored layout. Ghostly spikes were done with a bit of the wind filter used, too. The contrast in colors also came to great effect--both darkness and brightness mixed to make this layout look prominent and wonderful.

--Version 3--
A rather big change from version 2. For one, it wasn't too heavily detailed or necessarily dynamic, but the crystallizing effect with shades of purple and white makes it look really cute and unique. This one was more on the bandwidth friendly side and wasn't as big as version 2 was. Simple, yet very adored.

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