Past Looks of Lovely Designs: Page Three

--Version 12--
A first for Lovely Designs: a horizontal layout. A lot of different abstract art was put into this design--considering how big it was. Overall, everything turned out splendid! This layout featured Yuna from Final Fantasy X, as well. The flaw in this layout, though, was the heavy scrolling--there were around 4-6 different scrollbars. That frustrated a lot of people...

--Version 11--
A very mystical layout. Despite it did look similar to some of the past versions, this was a much likeable design. It featured Mia from the game, Golden Sun. Regardless of that, however, the design didn't manage to stay up for long. Many people commented about how it looked very similar to the last layout...

--Version 10--
Both navigations and content sections are practically in the same place as version 9 had it. In short, this layout is very similar to the last layout, although it did stay up for quite a while. But the 3 girls featured in this layout might've been better off being a bit smaller, so you could see background behind them more.

--Version 9--
A big improvement from the last designs--content wise. This time, the LONG navigation was split in two for easier use. This layout features the Korean and Japanese pop group, SES. Whatever background came with the original image was taken out and replaced with a unique one--made using Adobe Photoshop (filters). An engraving text technique was also used for the words.

--Version 8--
A layout that looked quite "professional", and very beautiful. Patchwork was used to make the grid lines, while some of it was erased to make it look more merged with the rest of the design. Unfortunately, this layout had not been kept long; only stayed up for several days. A lot of people felt the navigation needed to split into two, since it was getting outrageously long. Seeing what they meant, the design was changed with the navigation cut in two. That is also how version 9 came to be.

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