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--Version 17 (Part 1)--
Yes, tables again...the basic aim was for both a professional and more "centered" look. The results were very satisfying, and worth the hassle. After hours of slaving over making corrections and what not with the tables turned out great! Although the main image did look plain with only sabstract art...couldn't really think of what to feature in the layout. Which is why a contest was held, in which the winning banner would replace the banner, here---"Part 2" of Lovely Designs' version 17.

--Version 16--
I really loved this layout--did some transparency designing on it like I would a button/avatar/banner. The main image was also that of an abstract that I made. I overall really adored this layout--you can tell of my addiction to the color blue, too. This layout stayed up for a LONG time,

--Version 15--
Tables again! This is the third ever tables layout for Lovely Designs--must be getting attached to them or something. Featuring a sweet and nice abstract image for the layout, too. Satisfying results for a tables layout, considering most of the layouts, so far, were of div layers. Not sure how long this one was kept up...around a strong month or so.

--Version 14--
Through much debating with oneself, it was decided that version 14 would be tables. Surprisingly, it turned out very nice. The goal was to make the main image look mysterious and...well...mysterious. Like the night sky...although this visual would probably be from looking out of a telescope considering there is a planet. A black background was also set--a color I rarely use for backgrounds.

--Version 13--
This layout may look like tables...but it's not. Yes, another div layers layout. This design was very favorable, especially since the lightning effect with the image of the girl, featured, turned out really well. Overall: loveable! This layout stayed up for a long time.

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