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January 01, 2008

Yes, one more update for 2007. hamu13

I added one link exchange: Caramello Designs. A graphics site with a beautiful design and it's slightly new, I believe. 1 1 It's also got some fun extras -- tutorials, some contests, and even a scavenger hunt. So if you're interested and have time, go and visit Caramello Designs. 3

I'd also like to give a big thanks to 4houou and Meilin--who've recently closed 1000 Emotions--for having affiliated with Lovely Designs, giving support and helpful feedback to me. Thank you so much for the affiliation opportunity and your kindness. I lost a couple other affiliates due to sites closing down or changing, as well.

As for graphic additions...I added one 100x100 avatar featuring Yuna in Final Fantasy X-2. Credit goes to Seraphim for the artwork image of Yuna, which has also been linked on the credits page.

Then I created a new frames layout featuring Subaru from the anime .hack//SIGN series.

(click to preview the layout)

I hope everyone had a merry/happy Christmas, and have a happy New Year's eve and day, too! Best of wishes to everyone, and thank you so much for visiting Lovely Designs. hamu03 hamu03


November 19, 2007

Yes, I'm still around despite the 3-month absence on Lovely Designs. Sorry about that; I didn't expect offline things to get super busy. 14 Or maybe that kind of underestimation was to be expected? 5

So finally for my graphic additions: I added 2 abstract arts. And a new signature set featuring Rufus Shinra from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

** Please keep in mind that regardless for my lack of updates, I have no intentions, whatsoever, of closing this site. So please don't assume this site is dead...

...and don't wrongfully assume that you are "justified" enough to take the graphics and remove all credits/disclaimers from them. Just because you THINK this site is dead. I think that's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard, and it's disrespectful--to me and everyone who has contributed to this site. 7 7 So please...don't think that and don't do that; leave all appropriate credits/links and disclaimers intact. Please and thank you for understanding.

And thank you for the feedbacks in my last update. 1 1 1


August 17, 2007

Last update before I go back to school. So...not sure when I'll make the next update. I did all right with this 3-4 weekly update I kept up over the summer. I'll try to keep up with that same pace if possible. Thank you so much, again, to everyone who visits and enjoys looking and using the graphics. I greatly appreciate it. 1 1 1

First off, I re-organized and did some editing on the abstract arts pages. Made the terms less wordy, and took away other unnecessary things. 12 abstract arts are shown on each page, now, as well.

I added three 100x100 avatars. Two of them feature Rinoa (& Squall in one) from Final Fantasy VIII, while the third features Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh.

Then I made a new div layers layout. It features Lain and Mika from the anime Serial Experiments Lain. I named the layout "Tangled in Wires."

Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback, people! hamu03 hamu09


July 24, 2007

First off, I added two 100x100 avatars, featuring Melfina from Outlaw Star, and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I did a simple design on these two, including small animations. Please keep in mind that since they're animated, they're rather big in file size... 8

Then I added two layouts -- div layers featuring Cloud from FFVII:AC, again, and a frames layout featuring Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket.

Thank you so much for commenting! hamu03 1 drop13


June 30, 2007

Finally, I got over the wave of "designer's-block" and have created a few, new graphics featuring some anime series that I've recently been attached to. hamu02

I added four 100x100 avatars. Two of them featuring Youko Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, one featuring Yukina also from Yu Yu Hakusho. The fourth avatar featuring The Flower from Cardcaptor Sakura.

(See the rest?)

Then I added one 88x31 button featuring Sakura from, of course, Cardcaptor Sakura.

Lastly, I added a new tables layout featuring anime Cardcaptor Sakura. The preview page of it can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail below...

And thank you for the feedback on the second signature set, kIKi! hamu03 drop12


June 16, 2007

Added a new signature set featuring the anime X/1999. I remembered some people's feedbacks about the first signature set looking too "blended" this time I tried to not overdo on that, again.

A new link exchange: Daystar Design. A site with a large array of bishounen-featured graphics. hamu02

I did a few, minor changes around the site. I redid the avatar and button templates, so it'd be easier--for those using it--to know where the 'transparent' places are supposed to be. And so you won't have to fill them in yourself. I also thumbnailed some of the screenshots for the 'avatar' and 'div layers' tutorial in response to Ryuku's comment. 8 I'm really sorry to anyone else if you were hassled with the slow-loading of the images, too. I didn't realize that, before. So, thank you to Ryuku for the mention. 1 1

Thank you for your time and the feedbacks. hamu03


April 23, 2007

Yes, an update!'s not a graphics update. 8 Sorry! I was focusing on the more "text-y" updates. For one, I updated my affilation with Lynn and Amerie. From Hime Designs to Prestigious Awards with Lynn, from Blue-Eyed Graphics to Embry Light with Amerie. hamu03 hamu03

I also have one new link exchange: Pearl Vision, a very beautiful graphics site with lots of goodies for you. hamu02 I also cleared out 20+ link exchanges due to broken links, closed sites, or apparently discontinuing link exchange. So that should be cleaner for you guys browsing those pages.

Finally, after forgetting after each update to do this, I splitted the Graphics Graveyard page into two. The first page has the old layouts, while the second has the avatars and buttons. I hope that that'll be much neater for you guys. I wasn't sure how else to organize them without having to create several new pages... (shrugs)

And finally, I added a new coding tutorial for you guys. It's a basic Divide Layers Tutorial. So...I hope those in need of div layer help or wanting to learn div layers will find my tutorial somewhat helpful. Yes, I'm fully aware that there are other div layer tutorials out there...but this is mines from my own opinion/perspective. So there you go. 1

And thank you for the previous feedbacks, people! hamu09 hamu09


April 02, 2007

One more update before my spring break is over. I'll probably, if not most likely, go inactive again for the next two months. So I'm sorry, in advance, if I do. hamu06
I have one new link exchange: Dreams of Anime. A site filled with a lot of anime-related content -- from an image gallery to linkware graphics. 1 1

Anyways, I created two layouts: one tables, and the other is coded in frames. The tables layout features Japanese singer and actress Mika Nakashima, and the frames layout features Aoi Sakuraba from the anime Ai Yori Aoshi.

And thank you so much for the comments and feedbacks. hamu09 hamu03


March 22, 2007

Ouch. I'm sorry for the long abscence. I assure you it wasn't intentional. hamu04 Thank goodness for spring break. By the way, for any Firefox and Opera users, if you still see errors or anything weird on the site, please let me know. I had a couple more emails that told me the site looked weird in Firefox...but I'm not sure if it was the same as Matoda's, which I already fixed.

I added three link exchanges: Broken Pieces (on hiatus), Ailinen, and Satsukiyami. Please visit them if you have the time, or are interested. Thank you, and thank you for the link exchanges! hamu03

I finally started with the signature set idea, and created one set featuring Chobits. Typically made for use on forums. But you can still use them individually as an avatar or link banner on your site, if you want. You'll also see a signature sets link in the left menu.

And I created a div layers layout, which features Roxas from the video game Kingdom Hearts II. Thanks to Destati for the FMV images. 1 1

And a question from 4houou & Meilin:
Just a suggestion though, would it look nicer (site layout) if it was centered in the middle of the page?
Haha, yes, with the way it is structured, I think centered (in tables) would've worked great, too. 6 6 And I do have the tendency to make my layouts centered since I like it so much.

The reason why I didn't decide to center this layout, was because I didn't want to be bothered by people making the same comment over again about how I always use tables, how it's boring, always looks the same... Sorry if I'm ranting, but really: it IS aggravating when I get pestered with it repeatedly.

Tables may get old for some of you, but it rarely does for me. Of course, I appreciate the feedbacks. Which is why I am back to div layers for now. Because I'm willing to try out suggestions. So what am I asking? Nothing really. Just please understand that I, frankly, love tables, and love using it over and over. So making that obvious comment, "Tables AGAIN?" or similar is not necessary. 3 Thank you.

Thank you, very much, for all the feedback! hamu09 hamu09


January 15, 2007

[ 1/17 update]
Much thanks and appreciation to Matoda for telling me that some of my content was messed up in Opera. 12 14 I had made an error with my Cutenews...ouch... I deeply apologize to any Opera users viewing my site for the last 2 days. Again, thanks Matoda! 8 hamu03
[ /end ]

Here's the update I've promised you guys before my vacation ends (figures I'd pull the update last minute, huh?). Sorry, also, if I...scared(?) or confused anyone with the brief mention of LD in one of my recent posts at my domain. To sum it up, I've just been having one too many "web designer's blocks," lately. 14

First off: new layout for Lovely Designs. Featuring Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket. The layout's image is much smaller compared to the last layout; also much more bandwidth friendly, I think. Nothing exactly fancy -- just wanted it to be smooth and flowy to kick off the new year. ;D I also did some minor changes to the menu.

I removed the 'Contributors Page' and you can now find our list of contributors on the credits page. The 'Webmistress' and 'Site History' page have been put into one page. And I removed the "In the Past" section, which just had a record of the games, contests, and custom requests we did. The suggestions page has also been updated.

My sincerest apologies to Lexi for this delay, but I've also link exchanged with her site, Dark Illusion Creation. So if you're interested or have the time, please visit her site of graphics and some music codes. 1

Okay, now for graphic additions. I added one 100x100 avatar featuring Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket, and an abstract art.

And finally, a new tables layout featuring Lord Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha.

Thank you and much love for commenting! hamu03 hamu03


January 01, 2007

I'm very sorry for the lack of updates, but you could say things have been frustrating for the past few weeks with me. School, getting sick, family issues... But I'll have a graphics update or two before my winter vacation's over.

As for something new, I've created a new layout for Lovely Designs...sorta... I'm already coding it, but I actually haven't completed in designing it, entirely. (shrugs) I know I said about version 21 w/ Mr. Strife staying up for the whole school year...but...I'm kind of getting tired of the rather big layout. So I opted for the next version to be smaller. I'll also have the new layout up before my vacation's over.

Anyways, the real reason for this message is that I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope you're all doing okay. Thank you, everyone, for the tremendous and helpful feedback you've given me for the past year. I'll keep working hard to keep Lovely Designs around for 2007.

And, of course, thank you so much to all who've been commenting! I greatly appreciate all the feedbacks! hamu03 hamu02


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