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November 26, 2006

LD has two new link exchanges: Angelic Wing Designs and BlessTheFaerie. Please take a small visit over to them if you have the time. You can learn more about them here. I also added a new suggestion submitted by Alex. Thank you!

I refined six more of my old graphics. Three 60x60 avatars, plus one which I turned into a 100x100 avatar instead. And two table layouts...

Last but not least, I also made a new design. It features Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which I titled "Not interested..."

Kudos, pluggage, and much thank you and love to all the visitors and commenters! hamu03 hamu03 Hope you're having a nice day. 1 1


November 07, 2006 updates for nearly two months... 5 Well, I've finally got one for LD now.

I got around to re-organizing the 100x100 avatars section with anchored links. So I think I'm pretty much done with anchored links for now. 1 I still want to tidy up the Old Graphics guess that's my next page priority. =P I also have two new link exchanges: Snowdust.NET and Graceful Lament.

As for graphic updates, I added a new div layers layout, featuring Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII.

I also refined four "old graphics" and have re-added them to the regular archive of linkware graphics. I redid three 60x60 avatars, featuring Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts, and Angel Sanctuary. And I recreated the old div layers layout (originally titled "Confused Angel") featuring Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary, to a frames layout instead. Please enjoy!
Angel Sanctuary Kingdom Hearts Final Fantasy X-2

Kudos and many thanks to all readers and commenters!! Extra pluggage to commenters, as well. hamu03 hamu02


September 11, 2006

I know I had made plans, before, to anchor the 100x100 avatar pages, re-organize the old graphics page, and re-design some of the old graphics, for this update. But...nope. Sorry, but I'm going to hold those three 'to-do' things till my next update or so.

Instead, I created a new tables layout featuring Sailor Saturn from the anime Sailor Moon.

I removed the Blacklist page since, after a couple of people's suggestions and thinking it over, I do think it's a rather...unnecessary page. I also removed the Donate Graphics page. Yes, after giving that much thought, I've decided to not accept graphic donations anymore.

My reason? I've decided that I would just like Lovely Designs to really be an "independent" project of mines at the moment. So...I'm sorry to anyone who might've wanted to donate to Lovely Designs. 14 But I hope you will understand and respect my wishes. Thank you.

I'd like to thank Yunie for informing me of her URL change of Blue Eyed Graphics. And a thank you to Afroza for letting me know of the changes for Mango Reviews and the link of the review on LD. 1

I would also like to give a 'thank you very much' to the commenters. Thank you, again, for the feedback and comments. hamu03 hamu09


August 20, 2006

I've finished creating the "anchored links" style on the 88x31 buttons and 100x35 buttons pages. So everything should look much cleaner and compact. Not so many pages you have to go through now. 3

I'll move on to the 100x100 avatar pages, next time. And I have plans to re-organize the 'old graphics' section, yet, so it'll be more neat. I also liked the suggestion to re-design some of my old graphics so I can move them back to the other graphics pages. I think I will do just that for my next update. Thanks! 13

Added two, new link exchanges. And I re-added a site since I had accidentally deleted them from our group of link exchanges, before. 8 I'm terribly sorry for that error -- my apologies to my link exchange for that mixup. 10

For graphic additions, I added two 100x100 avatars. One featuring Fullmetal Alchemist, and the other featuring FFVII: Advent Children. Please enjoy! hamu03

I'd also like to give a big "THANK YOU!" to Ryuku for kindly sponsoring Lovely Designs (for some of the layout 'preview' pages). Thank you, Ryuku! 1 1

And thank you so much to everyone who graciously took some time to give some feedback in my last update. I greatly appreciate everyone's input!! hamu09


August 07, 2006

Wow, a 2-week absence. I did have plans to update on the 26/27th, but you could say "last-minute summer homework" got in the way. Of course I guess it was expected that I'd be practically inactive again once school started (which it did on July 31st). 7

Anyways, I took advantage of only having little homework, so far, to create a new div layer layout over this past weekend. Titled Watching over you..., featuring Tsukasa and Subaru from .hack//SIGN.

Sorry if I couldn't do anymore than the new addition. But I'd like to thank everyone, very much, who visits this site. Including those who took the time to leave some feedback and suggestions. I've taken the suggestions into consideration till I can find the time to actually do any re-oganization. 1

Kudos to the commenters! hamu03 hamu02

July 21, 2006

Added three graphics featuring characters from D.N. Angel (anime). Two 100x100 avatars, and a layout titled Opposites Attract.

Afroza at Mango Reviews completed her review of Lovely Designs (feel free to see the review). Thank you, Afroza! 1 I'll be making some modifications around the site with her feedback, to hopefully improve the quality and efficiency of Lovely Designs for everyone. Please also feel free to give your own feedback on any changes made, or more suggestions. I've mainly reorganized the menus, and also the 60x60 avatars page with a suggestion by Afroza. I'm still testing the new outline, before I apply it to the other graphic pages.

I've also decided not to launch the 'mini games' after giving it a 2nd-3rd thought. I was really up for the idea of the games....but with school nearing (July 31st)...maybe not. 2 I'm really sorry to anyone who was interested in playing. But I don't think I'll risk the prizes being rushed and coming out junk or the like. It would be unfair to everyone, and I think I want to get more focused on improving what I have before I add on.

I like the idea of launching it into a "full-blown" contest (even though it's not graphical), but that'll be for the later future. For now I've been convinced, otherwise, that I should do better with what I currently have (graphics, tutorials).

Thank you for the feedback from my last update. hamu03

"For that [old graphics] section though, maybe you should divide up the designs and graphics to make it more organized and less cluttered. "
*laughs* Yes, I see what you mean. I'll see what I can do with that page. Thank you. 1

July 12, 2006

Sorry if I haven't updated in several days...but...I've been having some "offline" issues lately. So I wasn't quite in the mood in updating so quickly...till now, of course...

1. Added twenty-four 100x100 avatars submitted by Layne. hamu14 Thank you for the tremendous donations!

2. Added four different types of graphics made by me. One Rurouni Kenshin 60x60 avatar, one FFVII:AC 100x100 avatar, a Serial Experiments Lain table layout, and a Rurouni Kenshin frame layout. I had created the Lain tables layout for a contest, but since it was never used, I decided to make it available here.


1. I lost an affiliate...not sure where they went... 2 But surprisingly enough, I gained three more affiliates over the past few days: Ham-ham Kingdom, Sad Destiny, Haru-Haru[dot]com. Please visit them if you have some time -- you can read more about them on the Affiliates' Info. page. Thank you for affiliating with Lovely Designs!! drop12

2. Two new link exchanges: Flower Graphics and Losted Minds -- both of them graphics site. So, if you're interested, please visit them as well. Thank you! 13


1. I edited the TOS, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer pages -- took out some redundant now it should be much more neat and short (especially the TOS).

2. Added a new page: older graphics. I basically moved the older graphics there to separate them from the "more updated" graphics. Read more about it on that page if you're interested. Thus, I also had to re-organize some of the pages with the move of the graphics.

3. Updated the following pages: FAQs, Credits, Contributors, Suggestions, and Donate Graphics pages. Thank you to those who sent in more suggestions, and those I recently added on the credits page. Updated the Donate Graphics page so people will know what to include in their email when they submit graphics -- sorry if I didn't have that before.

Also: if you've already suggested or asked something that I answered...with all do respect: please don't email about it again. If I've heard you once, I don't think I need to hear it again. And for the select fews who have been continuously questioning me about it: please don't bother me with tag-boards. I've already made my answer clear in my July 4th post. I didn't type that to fall on blind eyes. Please and thank you for understanding.

Thank you very much for the kind comments and feedback!! hamu09 hamu09



July 04, 2006

Before I go into graphic updates, I'd like to point out the more "text"-related updates. Anyways, I updated the FAQs a bit -- remember: I have an FAQs page for a reason. Please, please, go and look there before you ask me a question.

If I've said it once, I will say it again: custom requesting is CLOSED. I'm really sorry, but it's closed and I remain firm in my decision. I don't care if there's no form for it or whatever. If I happen to offer to do some request for you, then yes. If you need help with the coding for a certain layout, then I will be happy to help you, too.

But if you suggest or imply so much as me making/fixing a graphic for some of you out there: you are certainly pushing your luck. And giving me that "Can you do it because I'll only screw it up and I know you won't," excuse is getting a bit old. Life is, technically, all about trial and error if you want to improve. 2 I'm sorry, but my purpose in life is not to be at your every beck and call. hamu11 Helping: yes // Doing everything while you technically bark orders at me: NO. So if you please people...I really do love helping others out; but please don't take advantage of it. Thank you for understanding.

Okay, now for graphic updates. You're probably wondering about my title, but might say I'm being "cheap" or "cheating" in this update. Since most of are actually those that were requested by others. Sorry for that, but I didn't forget about them. The reason why I took long to do another update was because I had to re-code the layouts again.

So, from the custom requested, I added three div layers layout: one featuring Kikyou and Kagura, another with Vic Chou, and the third with Harvest Moon. Then there are two table layouts: one with Haibane Renmei, and Naruto's Mitarashii Anko.

But don't despair! I don't...or more like won't...totally try to cheat my way out of this update. For freshly made graphics, I added a new 100x100 avatar featuring Sora from Kingdom Hearts II; and a new tables layout featuring Utada Hikaru. Yes, I know I've featured her in another graphic again, but I couldn't help it -- the newly added layout turned out very pretty with her in it. =]

Oh, and yes, thank you for the feedback on the mini contests. I will go ahead and make those. Although I'm not sure on prizes. They're supposed to be small prizes as before, so by far I have: awards, advertising, graphics (avatars/buttons). Anyone might have other ideas of what sort of small prizes I could offer? Any feedback is welcomed. Thank you.

And I thank you very much to those who took time to comment on my last post. As always, I do appreciate any feedback on the site. I hope everyone has a wonderful and lovely day. hamu03 hamu10 hamu02



PS -- Mai made a comment about having a tagboard. Just FYI: Lovely Designs did have a tagboard before. But since people kept spamming and posing as other people, I took it off. So, no, I'm not really thinking about putting up a tag-board anytime soon. I don't really see a need to. ^^;;; But thank you for the suggestion.

June 28, 2006

Two new wonderful affiliates: STAR SCRAPBOOK and 1000 EMOTIONS. hamu03 hamu03

Added one new div layers design, titled Say WHAT?! It features Reno of the Turks from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I also added one 100x100 avatar featuring singer Utada Hikaru. You know what this means...? I updated the Credits page with two new links under the images section.

Sorry if it's not much of a graphics update -- I must admit that my web designing skills are a bit two was all I could make for now. Hehe, I was tempted to just take the Reno layout for my own, though...but I resisted. 6

I'm also thinking about mini contests, again, like I had before under the past events section. Mainly suggested by Lynn at Hime Designs -- it sounds like a nice idea to have other than there only being graphics on Lovely Designs. Don't know if anyone would be interested in them, again...but yes...I think I will release new mini games/contests again. Non-graphics based -- more like word games, if you never played them before.

And I know there's a lot of wonderful layout and banner contests going on at other sites, already, so I don't want to interfere. Sometime in July I'll probably release them if I can come up with some easy/fun ones...not to mention I need to think of what small prizes I could give...

Anyways, I had spent most of my time after my last update revamping the pages for the link exchanges, including adding a more detailed page for affiliates. So as you can see, there's a new link below affiliates, where I've provided a rather long 3-4 sentence description of each affiliate. Link exchanges have a shorter one, where it's only one long sentence, that I also based on their welcoming messages. I hope none of you mind that I did. If anyone has a problem with the information I put for their site, please let me know.

I also lost an affiliate...again... *frowns* [[EDIT]] Okay, scratch that...I think there was a little confusion or mix-up going on between the supposedly lost affiliate and me. *cringes* I'm really sorry about that; I didn't know I was getting the wrong impression. 14 So I didn't lose another affiliate afterall. I'm terribly sorry about that again, to my affiliate, for the mix-up. 2

Anyways, I'd also like to thank everyone who's been reading my news, and also those who took sometime to give me some "feedback." I really appreciate your kindness and time. hamu01


[[UPDATE 2]]
Changed the configuration of cutenews so now that the comments and comment form appear in a popup. I hope this doesn't bother anyone -- but a couple of people pointed it out to me that the cutenews was loading very slowly when it came to viewing comments (when I had set it to show up on the same page as the post). The comments, now in a new window, should show up faster now, I think.

June 22, 2006

Sorry, but no "new graphics" update just yet. Most likely that'll come up in my next update after this one. Anyways, I replied to all emails concerning Lovely Designs, dating back since...November 2005... Ouch, I deeply apologize to everyone, again, for causing any inconvinience in the delay of my reply. 4 So, if you haven't received a reply from me for whatever inquiry you were making then, I don't believe I did get your email successfully. Thus, please--if it's all right--email me again. Thank you very much.

Also checked all link exchanges, affiliates, etc., for broken links. Lost quite some link exchanges... *frowns* Guess I can't blame some of you for taking me off during the 3+ months hiatus. Some also turned up as broken links. But for any link exchanges that I might've taken off by accident (because I thought you were a broken link, maybe), please don't hesitate to contact me and fix my error. I tried my best to search for the new links of any link exchanges who might've moved URLs.

Affiliation is open again--as you can see to your right, I apparently lost four affiliates so I'm looking for about 4 new affiliates, again. So if you are interested in affiliating with Lovely Designs, feel free to apply. I don't exactly have rules...or at least I can't remember them. Just so long as your site is "user-friendly," I'd be happy to affiliate with your site. I'll affiliate with any type of site, just so long as it has nothing inappropriate or illegal. Please remember that affiliation also requires linking back (whether it's on a separate page or on every page).

Here's what I hope to (or might) accomplish in the next update:

+ Revamp the pages with link exchanges -- I plan to provide a short description about each site. I remember someone making a comment about it (suggestion). I also want to create a separate page with descriptions of my affiliates (aside from being linked in the right menu).

+ New graphics -- boy, I haven't added graphics in a long time, huh? We'll see how creative I can get...I hope... Definitely expect this to happen.

+ Releasing new graphics -- this is a "might" mainly. Some people suggested I make wallpapers and image blends available at Lovely Designs. Although I'm really iffy with the idea of wallpapers since they can suck up a lot of maybe not, unless I get more bandwidth or put them elsewhere (like at Geocities, or something).

Image blends I might...but do people really use image blends to create layouts and such or something? Hm, I never really knew that... 8 And didn't I say I was going to create "Neopet-related" graphics a while back...? I still do have plans for that, too.

And I'd like to give a "thank you very much" to those who also took the extra time to comment on my last post: Kururu, Ryuku, Griffin, Lynn, Lily, Ellada, Twyt, Ryan, Meyli, Cynthia, Yunie. 13

June 18, 2006

After being on a long hiatus since late March, Lovely Designs is finally back up. Let's you can see, I also switched back to Cutenews as b2evolution wasn't working for me. Anyways, I still have a lot to do with this site. I haven't checked all unanswered emails, so please don't email me again if you've already done so for the past....several months, I believe. I'll give the call when I've finished looking through my mailbox.

I also would like to remind those who were on my waiting list for custom requesting that I have closed custom requesting. And if you didn't see my updated message during the hiatus, I was offering hosting/sponsoring as a sort of compensation. If any of those who were on the waiting list would like to discuss more about it, then please use the contact form to talk to me. Thank you.

Lovely Designs is also sporting a new look. I did make an attempt to switch back to div layers as you can see...but I couldn't resist putting the content in tables for some CSS-styling. Besides that, I hope you'll enjoy the layout. I did a full image blending this time instead of doing my "usual" abstract arts. It features one of my biggest obsessions: Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

I hope the colors are all right, too--I didn't exactly choose them; more like Cloud's "dusk/late afternoon" image scheme (the largest, outstanding one in the layout) made it like that. All images were captured from the Japanese DVD (yes, that I did buy) using PowerDVD--the "prominent" image of Cloud being captured from the 2nd "special features" disc. Overall, I'm much satisfied with the layout. And I hope it'll be appealing enough to stay up for a long time, too. I hope none of the images are "spoiler-some," either. Considering I know that both the Japanese and American DVDs have been released quite some time ago.

Certain changes have and are being made--so keep a look out for the following for now:
- Affiliation will be reopening, as I'm quite sure I've lost some affiliates during the long slumber. I know I've at least lost one... 2
- I've decided to work on Lovely Designs by myself, for the time being. Such, there is no "LD Crew" anymore, nor am I necessarily looking for any at the moment.
- I'll be checking link exchanges for any broken links, too...

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