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What's been happening lately?
June 07, 2008

Designed and added four 100x100 avatars. Each featuring a character(s) from the Final Fantasy series -- specifically VII (Advent Children), VIII, X, and X-2.
Final Fantasy VII:  Advent Children Final Fantasy X
(view the others?)

I added two link exchanges since my last update. The first is Crescent Wings, which features mostly anime and celebrity graphics. 1 And Hyuuga.net, which features anime (,too), and game graphics. 3

Yes, I'd say my update-every-2-to-3-months are here to stay. 5 Of course, I don't intend to close this site or 'give up' web design. But I won't deny that for the past year I've: 1) Been sadly lazy; 2) Am lacking in creativity/inspiration; 3) Have become occupied with other things in my life.

So, this site might seem dead, but it's not. I will still continue to try my best, and have fun with what I do, here. 3 So I hope this doesn't stop people from coming, and using or being inspired by the graphics shown here. hamu14

Thank you for the comments


March 11, 2008

And, finally (...finally, finally), here's my first update for year 2008. 10

I added five 100x100 avatars. Two of them feature Serena/Usagi from the Sailor Moon anime series. The other three avatars feature Marlene, Tifa, and Cloud from FFVII's Advent Children movie.
Final Fantasy VII:  Advent Children Sailor Moon
(view the others?)

I also have 3 new link exchanges. 1 3 1 Trigger Happy is a graphics resource site that features various characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Deadly Nightshade's graphics features a nice range of animes, games, and celebrities. Reverie's Dreamland is also a graphics site with a lot of wallpaper goodies and some really interesting silhoulette arts.

And lastly, I slightly modified LD's privacy policy. I made it a bit more specific about the visitor's information sent through comments and email...and about it not being resold to any third-parties, etc. Just so there's no concerns about information resell or abuse, considering I do use scripts like Bravenet and Cutenews (not made by me).

Thank you!!


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