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What's been happening lately?
May 21, 2012

Hello. Been a while hasn't it? (sighs) I suppose I should stop disappearing like this right when I announce an upcoming layout, hm? 4 Unfortunately, school and work has been dominating my life ever since I began college. And while I enjoy web designing here and there, I cannot ignore my other priorities. Especially when I'm right around close to graduating.

I want to use my free time over the summer to clean up this website and churn out some designs. But of course I can't guarantee anything. So thank you again for any and all support that this website has received.

No graphic updates right now, but I did remove a coding error that was causing the website's home page to not show up. Sorry if this error might have persisted for goodness knows how long -- I only saw it myself a few minutes ago. 10 Turns out the link exchange" rotator script's no longer working...looks like an incompatibility with web browsers though I'm not entirely sure. I took down the link exchanges for now.

August 01, 2011

After over two years of being "absent" from this site, I've finally made some time (and effort) to try to get back into my love for web design, and doing stuff on here. 8

I'm not sure if anyone visits here anymore--whether to use the graphics or draw some ideas and inspiration from it--but if you do: thanks for coming to still visit Lovely Designs. hamu10

I have one tables layout to add for my return: it features Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, possibly my most favorite anime since I first watched it years ago. drop12

I've also finished another layout that I'm planning to release as both a free graphic and Lovely Design's new layout. So expect a new look for LD soon. Maybe within this week or the next; it depends how well and fast I can update the coding of the site.

I also realized that I have several broken links and outdated information, so I'll be doing updates here and there. There's quite a few changes I want to make, so we'll see. hamu14

Update: Comments temporarily removed due to spam bots. I'll be updating the comments function so it'll (hopefully) be less vulnerable to spam.

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