About the Layout

Hope you like this frames layout!! ^_^ It's titled "High Spirits" and features the main female characters from Yu Yu Hakusho. Basically I cropped the image's background and created my own background to put behind the girls. ^^ Hue/Saturation changing also took place in this layout. Anyways, hope you guys do like it. ^~ Thanks to Agaru! Yu Yu Hakusho for the image of the girls.

Using this Layout

Mainly all of the image files are essential to the layout, except the image file hs_shizuru.gif; see 'Extras' section for more info. Anyways, the file hs_blank.html is plainly just a blank page needed for the sides not being used apart of the layout; the solid background part of the layout. So you can just leave it alone. hs_index.html holds the frames coding, so don't get rid of that. hs_main.html is the part that will hold all your main contents for the main text box. Anyways, edit that file and replace all the contents with your own. Note that when you are targeting your links, target them to "main". ^_~ hs_nav.html is where your links go; it's the menu section of the layout. So just edit that layout and replace all of the contents(or a majority of them...see below) with your own stuff, too. And if you happen to not like some of the colors/fonts, then go to hs_style.css and change the font and/or colors to your own liking. ^_^


With this layout, I've also included an extra graphic that you may use. It's an avatar, 60x60 pixels, featuring Shizuru from Yu Yu Hakusho. ^^ Use it if you want(please don't forget to give me credit), otherwise you can delete it if you don't want to use it. Below's how it looks like:

Copyright + Credits

Don't forget to also replace 'your name/site' with your name or site name in the menu box, below all the other contents. And please, if you are going to use this layout, do NOT get rid of the 'Credits' and 'Layout By' and leave them where they are, below all of your other contents. Those parts link back to Lovely Designs, and to where the image of the girls came from. Do not claim this layout as your own please. If you have any concerns prior to this layout, please contact me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com(via email). Thank you.

Enjoy the layout! ^_^