...layout Information
This is a frames layout featuring Subaru from the anime series .hack//SIGN. I mixed two abstract arts, inverted their colors, and used a couple of Adobe PS filters for a "starry" sort-of background as seen in the design. I blended the image of Subaru with the abstract lights; thus, giving Subaru a prominent glow with her beautiful outfit. I also set the layout to a blue color scheme since Subaru's appearance is majorly blue.

Lastly, I added in some smaller (and rather light) details around the layout. The wing attached to the content box was cut from another image of Subaru.

...using this Layout
In the .zip file you'll find 13 IMG files, 6 HTML files, and 1 CSS file. All 13 'img' files are slices of the design; so, naturally, don't delete any of them. credits.html has the layout credits (+links) inside it, which I'll explain a bit more under the next heading.

blank.html is just simply a blank .html file for the...well, blank areas around the actual layout. So you don't need to bother editing it. example.html is, as the name also suggests, an example .html page of how targeting frames work. To see the page, just click on the 'example' link in the menu section (above).

index.html holds all the frames coding that pieces the images, your menu, and main section together. The only thing you should be editing in there is typing in your site's name between the title tags. titlenmenu.html and content.html holds all the stuff you'll be editing: replacing 'Site name' with your site's name, putting in your own links, and putting in your own contents.

Finally, you can also edit style.css if you want to change any of the fonts, certain colors, and so forth.

...credits & Disclaimer
As I mentioned under the last heading, there's a separate credits.html file that I've created with this layout. It contains the layout resources for this...well, layout. Please do NOT remove them so long as you're using this layout. But feel free to put it on your own credit page or somewhere else visible on your site, if you'd like. Thanks goes to Anime Cubed for the image of Subaru (and the larger wing), to DaFONT for the 'Beautiful ES' font. And finally, some credit should go to me at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together.

Under the credit links is also a basic disclaimer; no copyright infringement is/was intended. This layout should only be used for noncommerical, personal sites, as well. If you have any concerns with this layout, please contact me at: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Your Site Your site. All rights reserved.
.hack//SIGN and Subaru belongs to its respectful, copyrighted owners.
Layout for nonprofit purposes; no infringement intended.