Layout Information
This is an (untitled) frames layout featuring Kyo Sohma from the anime Fruits Basket. I used a large closeup of Kyo's face as the background for the layout, then blended/added in a couple more images of him over that. I also blended a crystal-type of abstract art, plus other effects created from filters. The circles bordering around the layout and around Kyo represent his beaded bracelet, as well. I wanted to put some emphasis on his bracelet since it plays a large role in his life.

Using the Layout
The 13 sliced "img" images are a part of the layout; so don't delete any of them. header.jpg is the header background I designed with this layout. But you're free to get rid of it if you have your own header design or simply don't want one.

Secondly, you needn't bother with these five files: index.html, blank.html, layout.html, layout2.html, and layout3.html. Just leave them as they are -- index.html just has the basic frames coding (that makes up the layout, but NOT your contents). The only thing you'd want to change in there is the "Site Title Here" part. Blank.html are just the solid, blank background areas not a part of the layout. The last two hold some of the layout images.

You can delete example.html, which only serves as an example to you for how targeting links works for frames (in case you're new to frames). To see how that works, click on numbers 4, 5, or 6.

Now, contents.html is this main "preview" page, which holds, obviously, all your contents. So you may edit that .html file to include your own stuff, instead. menu.html are for your links, which are the numbers 1-6 on the right. You can modify style.css if you want to change any fonts, header design, etc.

Credits and Disclaimer
I've placed the credit links for this layout at the bottom of this section. Please keep the credit links up and with this layout as you're using it. A big thanks goes to for the images of Kyo Sohma, and me at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together.

There's also a disclaimer at the bottom -- acknowledging respectful copyright to the creators and owners of Fruits Basket. Lastly, please use this layout only for personal/non-profit purposes. I made them only for such intentions, please. If you have any other concerns, please email me at: Thank you.

Layout Credits: | Lovely Designs

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