Layout Information
This frames layout features Aoi Sakuraba from the anime Ai Yori Aoshi. Four images of Aoi were mostly blended together, 3 of them forming a "background" for the frame layout. I also applied various line curves and abstract art with the blended image. You'll also notice the rather interesting curve and line border I placed around the actual layout. I also let some of the border and a light pixel stretch run off horizontally.

Using the Layout
All of the image files in the file are a part of the layout except the 'navbutton's. Feel free to use your own menu buttons for this layout, or text links if you want. You don't need to bother with the blank.html file, as it's only for the solid background parts around the frame layout.

index.html is this 'preview' page, and holds all the actual coding for the frames ONLY. The contents and menu sections are on separate pages. So you don't need to edit index.html, either, except putting your site name in the title tags. framebg.html has the background for the bottom border and small pixel stretch running horizontally. You needn't bother with this file, either.

example.html is just, as I named it, an example page for this layout, in case you're new to frames. It also serves as an example of how linking to a frame works. Click on any of the three top buttons below this contents box to see the example page.

You'll only pay attention to three files: style.css, contents.html, menu.html. content.html is where your "main contents" will be. And menu.html is essentially where you major links will go (home, site, about, graphics, etc.). You can either replace the contents and links in there with your own, or copy the coding into your own files.

You can also edit style.css if you want to change any colors, fonts, etc. Although I don't advise you change the background color for this layout, please, because some of the layout's images were saved with the background color.

Credits and Disclaimer
At the bottom of this section, I've listed and linked the credits for this layout. Under NO circumstances are you to remove the credits so long as you use this layout. Thanks goes to Albatross! and Anime Cubed for the images of Aoi Sakuraba, and me at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together.

Below that, you'll also find a short disclaimer, which gives acknowledgement and credit to the anime's respectful, copyrighted owners, too. I make no claims or affiliation to Ai Yori Aoshi. I made this layout for noncommercial reasons; thus, this layout should NOT be used for noncommercial purposes, either.

If you have any other questions or concerns with this layout, please contact me via email at: Thank you.

Credits: Albatross! | Anime Cubed | Lovely Designs

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Ai Yori Aoshi belongs to its respectful, copyrighted owners.
Layout for nonprofit purposes; no infringement intended.