Layout Information

A frames layout featuring the manga & anime Angel Sanctuary. You can faintly make out Lucifer/Kira, Rosiel, and Sara--whom are blended into the largest image of Setsuna. I added in shearings of "overlayed" black and white which you can see running through the layout. Coincidentially, the black shearings look like an attractive set of flowy wings coming from Setsuna's back, too... Navigation for this layout are the little circle buttons seen to the left of the content-text box. If you want to see an example of how the linking to this content-text box works (for frames), click any of the last three circular link buttons to see the linking in action.

Using the Layout

All image files included in the downloaded .zip file go with this layout -- so please don't delete any of them. This is with the exception of the linkbutton.gif -- which are the circular buttons to the left. You can delete it if you don't plan on using it. Index.html is the page your visitors will be viewing; that holds the frames coding. You don't want to alter anything except changing "!--Site Title Here--!" to your actual site's name. Blank.html are just the blank spaces around the webpage not being used in the frames layout; so you can leave that as it is.

Menu.html is where the link buttons for the layout are located. So that's pretty much where I planned for whoever's using the layout to put their menu at. You can create your own menu/navigation buttons if you don't like the buttons I've provided. Main.html is the...well, where your content will go. For your other pages, just use the same coding provided in the main.html file. So each page will have the same look with the rest of the frames layout. And finally, you can edit the style.css file if you'd like to make some changes to CSS-related attributes.

Credits + Disclaimer

Credits for this layout are located at the bottom of this page. Under no circumstances are you to remove those credits and claim this layout as your own; this includes the disclaimer and copyright below the "layout credit" links. Much thanks goes to Impression, where I found the images of Angel Sanctuary from. And some credit should go to me at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together. Then, most importantly, please give much thanks and appreciation to the creators and artists of Angel Sanctuary for the creation of this beautiful managa/anime. This layout should only be used for noncommerical and personal purposes.

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns with this layout, please contact me at this email: Thank you, and please enjoy this layout.

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