Layout Information
A frames layout featuring a few characters from the Rurouni Kenshin anime. The images were blended together and various effects were applied, including a light touch of abstract, to create the final look. The navigation for this layout are two different buttons of Kenshin's face (seen right below of the image of him).

Using the Layout
All images files (except the two 'navbutton's) are a part of the layout -- so don't delete any of them. You can keep the navigation buttons I made if you want, or you can create your own. Index.html has the frame coding of the layout (the page you're viewing now). Don't change or alter any of the coding in there except the "Site Title Here" part in the head tags. Blank.html is, as named, just a blank page for the sides of the webpage that aren't being used in the actual layout. Face.html is just a page for the rest of the images not being used in the main section or menu -- so you can leave that file alone; there's no need to alter it.

Menu.html is where your navigation will be (target your links to "main" so it'll open up in the main section of the layout). Main.html is where your main content will be -- you copy that coding to create multiple pages for your content (not index.html's coding). You may also edit the style.css file if you don't like some of the colors or fonts I've chosen to go with this layout.

Credits and Copyrights
The credits for this layout are listed at the bottom of this page (scroll to the bottom). In no way are you to remove those credits and the links as long as you're using this layout. Credit goes to Destiny's Embrace for the images of the anime, as well as me at Lovely Designs for creating this layout. If you don't like the credits listed at the bottom of this page, you may put the credits (plus link) on another separate, and visible, Credits page, instead. The Rurouni Kenshin anime and (original) images are copyrighted to their respectful owners, and I do not claim to own them or have created them.

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with this layout, please contact me at this email: Thank you.

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Layout Credits: Destiny's Embrace // Lovely Designs