About this Layout
Hello, there. This is a frames layout featuring a very pretty girl in Dolly Kiss, by Queenie Law. As you can see, the main color scheme for this layout are shades of pink, with white. Abstract art (made by me) is blended in with the character, as well as other little effects done with the help of filters in Adobe Photoshop. The navigation for this layout are small, pink squares on the left side of the layout. Credit and a happy thanks goes to Aethreality.net for the image of the girl from Dolly Kiss. =)

Using It
After you've done all the downloading, unzipping, extracting, and uploading to your site with the layout...you'll notice that there are five different .html files. Index.html would be the main file of the layout, or the URL where you'd direct your visitors to; this file holds the center coding of the frames, itself. Blank.html is, as the name already suggests, just a blank page with a solid, light pink background. It's basically for the areas around the actual layout that aren't used. Nav.html is where your links, or where the menu of the layout is held. As shown, there are five small buttons at the moment. However, if you need more/less, feel free to add on/remove some. Each button is an individual image (navbutton.jpg), making it easy to change the navigation. Main.html is where your contents will go and what not. Feature.html is where the rest of the images for the layout are, separate from the main and navigation sections. In short, you only really need to edit nav.html and main.html by replacing the contents and links there with your own stuf. Don't forget to also put your site's name in the title tags in index.html. And if you want to edit some of the CSS-related stuff for this layout--font, colors, scrollbar--then style.css is where to go for that.

At the bottom of this page, you'll notice that there is a small "Credits" recognition, followed by two links. Whatever you do...do NOT remove those links from this layout so long as you're using it. Respectful credit goes to Aethreality.net for the image of the girl from Dolly Kiss, as well as me (at Lovely Designs) for the abstract art used, as well as putting this layout together. Do not claim this layout as your own, or redistribute it without my permission first. However, you're welcome to put the credits on a separate Credits page if you don't prefer it to be at the bottom of the main page. If you have any other concerns in relation to this layout, please contact me at: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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Credits: [Aethreality.net] - [Lovely Designs]