About this Layout
I was going to think up a title for this layout...but I decided not to in the end. ^^;;; Anyways, this is a small frames layout featuring Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2. =) I hope you like it! Actually, this layout is more of a combination of frames and div layers--the basic reason why I used frames for this layout was to position it to the bottom left of the page (I know there's a way to do that in div layers...but I preferred to use frames for the positioning, instead). A big thanks goes out to 1000 Words for the (original) image of Lenne!! ^_^

Using this Layout
Editing this layout shouldn't be too confusing. =) You need not do any real editing with blank.html and index.html (unless you're inputting your site's name in the title tags). Your main focus will really be on main.html, which holds the coding of the layout (besides the coding of the frames). So edit that file and replace the contents in the navigation and main area with your own contents. And if you'd like to change some of the colors, or input more CSS-related coding, then you can go and edit style.css for that and put things more to your liking. All images contained within the .zip file of this layout are also essential to this layout, so don't delete any of them. ^_-

Listed all the way at the bottom of this main section are the credits of this layout. Please do NOT remove the links as they have a right to be credited; 1000 Words for the image of Lenne, and me (at Lovely Designs) for creating this layout. So please don't be rude and go claiming this layout as your own. Don't forget to also change "Your Name/Site" below with your name or site name, too. If you have any questions or concerns with this layout, then you can contact me at the following email address: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you. =)

Enjoy the layout! ^_^

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Credits: Image from 1000 Words, Layout by Lovely Designs.