About this Layout

Hello! I hope you like this frames layout. ^__^ Please go easy on me; this is my first ever frames layout that I've ever made--seriously. Anyways, I was going to make this div layers...but er...it just didn't seem to look good considering the screen resolutions. Anyways, this frames layout is titled "The Fight For Freedom", and features Laguna, Kiros, and Ward from Final Fantasy VIII. Basically I just split the whole layout into 3 frames, although you really only have to pay attention to two files; the file with the navigation, and the file with the main contents part. I'm also using div layers in this layout for the navigation and main contents place, too. Plainly it's a mixture of frames and some div layers.

Using this Layout

There are 15 files for this layout. But like I said, you really only need to focus on two of them. Anyways, once you've extracted and uploaded all the files, note that l_index.html is the main file that holds all the framsets and frames for this layout. Basically it's like the core file of this layout. left_blank.html, right_blank.html, and top_blank.html are mainly the files that you can ignore; they're just files with the a black background. So you can just leave them the way they are. bottom_c.html and c_style.css go together, for the bottom_c.html file holds the copyright part below the layout(I'll talk more about that below). laguna_top.jpg, laguna_main.jpg, and laguna_navigate.jpg are the important files that make up the layout; so don't get rid of them. laguna_style.css is the main .css for the whole layout; so don't get rid of that either or mess with it unless you want to change the colors and/or fonts, which I recommend you don't. The freedom.html is another file that you also don't really have to bother with. It holds the laguna_top.jpg file though, so it's pretty essential; don't get rid of it or mess with that file, you can just leave it alone.

Okay, now down to the two files that you'll mainly be editing. l_main.html is where all your main contents go, so edit that file and replace all the contents in the div layers with your own; note that the div layers is essential, DO NOT take it out. l_navigate.html is where the navigate section is, or where you links go. So edit that file and replace all the links stuff with your own, except the layout by part please, DO NOT take that out (prior to copyright and crediting-->see below). Again, all your link contents needs to be in the div layer, just like the l_main.html file; don't take away the div layer either.


I was almost lazy in making extras, but here they are. ^_~ I made 1 button and 1 icon for this layout. Use if you want, delete if not. (Don't add this to your graphics site or use it for something else that's got nothing to do with this layout without notifying my first please.) Below's how they look like (their file names are laguna_bb.jpg, and laguna_ic.gif):

Copyright and Credits

Anyways, down to the copyright, for the bottom_c.html file, don't forget to replace "Your name/site" with your name or site's name. Basically from there you can leave the rest of it alone. Leave the link to the FF site alone since that's where the image of this layout came from and it'd be rude to not credit the resources. In the navigation section, there's a link back to me saying "Layout by", and my site's name plus link. Leave that alone; do not delete it or move it somewhere else please; I deserve credit for making this layout. Just let it stay there under all your links please. Don't also try to mess with the layout's main images either before notifying me first okay? If you have any more questions or concerns, please email me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Sorry for such a long talk but I pretty much wanted to cover all the files since there's so much files a frame can have and this is my first time. Anyways, enjoy the layout! ^__^