Layout Information
This is a div layers layout featuring Mika and Lain from the anime Serial Experiments Lain. I used a few images of Lain, Mika and blended them lightly into the abstract art, which I used as a sort of background for the top of this design.

I let one (of Mika) significantly stand out, and overlayed some streaks which are seemingly attached to her. Or specifically the device she's wearing. The streaks were meant to imitate more wires. Which is why I titled this layout Tangled in Wires since I found it most appropriate with the images I used, and considering the plot of SEL.

Using the Layout
All of the images included in the '' file are parts of this design, excluding 'menuhead_bg.gif' and 'mainhead_bg.gif'. They're pretty much just "extras" with this layout so you're free to remove them if you don't like either.

Your main focus should be on 'index.html' which is this preview page you're looking at. It's filled with the coding for this layout. So upload and replace the contents on the page with your own stuff for your site, or copy the coding into your files. You can also edit 'style.css' if you want to change some of the fonts, colors, and what not.

Credits and Disclaimer
Layout credits and a disclaimer are located at the bottom of the menu to your left. I would really appreciate that you do not remove either from this layout. A lot of thanks and credit goes to Omnipresence for the images of Lain and Mika, while some credit should be given to me at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together, as well as the abstract art featured in the design.

The disclaimer is also there to acknowledge credit, and copyright to the respectful creators of SEL. Whom I believe were a part of or associated with Triangle Staff. Feel free to correct me on the disclaimer if I've made an error on that, however, please. As with my other layouts, I made this for non-commerical purposes, so it should be only used for the same reason.

If there are any other questions and concerns, please contact me via email at: Thank you.

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