Layout Information
This is a div layers layout featuring (primarily) Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I titled it "Battle Spirit," clearly because the layout includes a series of image blends with Cloud fighting Kadaj in the movie. A few lighting effects, filters, and line abstract were also done to the blends.

The layout was originally lighter, but I opted for this darker scheme because I felt it made the overall blends look smoother. And I wanted to capture the serious atmosphere of the battle. The design of the headers (for 'Layout Information') were also inspired by Cloud's sword, The First Tsurugi.

Using the Layout
In the downloaded .zip file, you'll find seven img....jpg files, and bg.jpg -- all of which are a part of the layout. So don't delete any of those. There's also a header.jpg, menuhead.gif, and menuend.gif, which you can consider as "optional" designs for the layout in concerns to your contents. Although I think they look good with the layout, if you don't like them, then you're free to delete them.

index.html is this 'preview' page which holds the coding for this layout. So you can either replace the contents in this file with your own, or copy the coding from here to your own files. You can also edit style.css to make any changes in terms of the font, colors, headers, etc.

Credits and Disclaimer
In the menu section, you'll see the "Layout Credits" followed by three links. Please keep those credits intact with this layout. Credit goes to Square-Enix for the images of Cloud and Kadaj, which I had captured from the Japanese release of the FFVII:AC DVD. This includes Square-Enix's copyright and ownership for the movie and characters -- thus, there's also a short disclaimer at the bottom for this.

Credit also goes to DaFONT for the Porcelain font I used for the 'battle spirit' text. Lastly, some credit goes to me at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together and coding it. Please only use this layout for noncommercial reasons/sites. I created this for personal use so it should only be used in that sense. If you have any other concerns, please contact me via email: Thank you.

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Final Fantasy VII belongs to its respectful, copyrighted owners.
Layout for noncommerical purposes; no infringement intended.