Layout Information
A rather dark (div layers) layout featuring Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2. It actually turned out a little darker than I was expecting or planning...but I do like the mysterious flair it holds about. I took several images of Roxas during the opening FMV of Kingdom Hearts 2 and blended them together. Then I added in my own effects with Adobe PS, including abstract lines that you can see around and through Roxas.

As for the "XIII" on his cheek...well...if you've played the game or read on it, then I'm sure you know why I put it there.

Using the Layout
In the .zip file to download this layout, you'll find: 11 image files, 1 .html file, and a .css file. All images are a part of the layout except header_bg.jpg, so you can delete that one if you don't want it as your header background. But the rest are essential to the layout.

Then you have the index.html, which is this 'prevew' page of the layout. You can either replace the content in this file with your own, or copy the coding and paste it into your own files. You can also edit style.css to change any CSS-related coding to your likings for this layout.

Credits & Disclaimer
The credits for this layout have been placed at the bottom of the menu section, titled...well, layout credits. Under no circumstances should these credits ever be separated from this layout. In other words: do NOT remove the credit links, please. Much thanks goes to Destati for the beautiful images of Roxas, to DaFONT for some downloadable fonts used, and me at Lovely Designs for putting this layout together.

You'll also notice a little "disclaimer" at the bottom of this section. Credit and full copyright goes to Square Enix and all respectful owners of Roxas and the video game Kingdom Hearts 2. I place no claim on owning or any affiliation with either of the two, and this layout was made for noncommerical reasons. Thus, this layout should only be used for non-profitable purposes, as well.

If you have any questions or concerns with this layout, please contact me via email at: Thank you.

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