About this Layout
Hope you like this div layers layout! ^__^ I named the layout, "Faded Past..."--prior to reading some information about the featured person. It features a character(forgot his name..sorry ^^;;;) from the anime, WeiB Kreuz. I also made a sort of wavy--or abstract sort of--background behind the character, too, instead of the solid background he was in front of in the original picture. XD Many thanks to -Urd's Wallpapers- for the picture of him! ^^ You can basically use this layout for any type of site--blog, personal, clique, graphics, etc.

Using this Layout
Div layers are usually simple to manage...or maybe not. XD Anyways, mainly all of your image files are essential except the "faded_avatar.gif"--it's an extra graphic that I've included. Moving on, go to "faded_index.html" and edit whatever contents there in the div layers and such with your own contents. And if you'd like to change any of the CSS or do any updating to it, go to "faded_style.css" for that. Hmm..that's pretty much it I'd say. If you seem to have any problems, contact me via email at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com for help. ^~

Like I said above, I've included an avatar with this layout in case you'd like to use it. ^_~ If you don't need it...just delete it. XDD Please don't forget to give me credit if you do use it. Below's how it looks like:

Copyrights + Credits
In the navigation section, don't forget to also edit and replace "Your name/site" with your name or site, too. ^~ Also in the navigation section, please don't remove the "Credits" and "Layout by" parts--leave them there. "Urd's Wallpapers" has the right to be credited for the image of the featured guy in the layout, as well as me for making the layout. ^^;; So please don't take either parts away--thank you. If you have any concerns on this layout, you can contact me via email at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com, too.

That's all I have to say. ^~ Enjoy the layout! ^__^