About the Layout
A fairly simple and clean layout; offering a pleasant and "spacey" view for visitors. This is a div layers layout, featuring the cute Eiko from the game Final Fantasy IX. All in a blue color scheme, I also added in a bit of abstract art, made by me. So naturally I cropped out the background that was originally behind her. *wink* Wonderful thanks and many hugs goes to Chibi Eiko for the image of Eiko, as well as to the creators and workers of Final Fantasy IX, and Eiko.

Using It...If You Do
Nothing to it. Just keep in mind that all the image files included in layout.zip are important for the layout to fully function; so don't delete any of them. Anyways, once you've done the downloading, unzipping, extracting, and uploading of the layout, your first file to edit would be index.html. Open that file and replace the contents there with your own stuff and what nots. The second file you might want to look at is style.css. So feel free to edit the CSS attributes in that file to your own likings if need be.

Don't Forget to Say 'Thank You'...
At the bottom of the menu section, there's a "Credits" tidbit with two links below it. As long as you're using this layout, please do NOT remove those credit links. Credit goes to Chibi Eiko for the image of Final Fantasy IX's Eiko, as well as me (at Lovely Designs) for the abstract art used, as well as putting this layout together. Please do not be rude and claim this layout as your own, nor redistribute it (without my permission, FIRST). If you have any other concerns related to this layout, you can contact me at: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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