About the Layout
Hi. =) I hope you like this layout. It's div layers, featuring singer and actress Hilary Duff. The small background behind her is abstract art, created by me, Christine. All in a color scheme of pink/magenta and white. Credit goes to HilaryPix for the (original) image of Hilary Duff.

Using the Layout
After downloading, unzipping, and extracting all layout files from the .zip file, go to index.html, and edit all the contents in the 'menu' and 'contents' layers. Please leave the "Credits" in the menu section where it is, though. You can edit the style.css file if you'd like to change any CSS-related preferences of the layout, too. If you have any concerns or problems with the layout, please contact me via email: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

The Credits
Again, in the menu, there is a "Credits" section with two links below it. As long as you're using this layout, please do NOT take those two links away. Credit rightfully goes to HilaryPix for the image of Hilary Duff, as well as me (at Lovely Designs) for the abstract art and creating this layout. Please do not do any of the following: take away the Credits, redistribute this layout without permission, or claim this layout as your own. The credits need not be in the menu, however--instead, you can make a separate Credits page and give credit to both sites there. If you have any other concerns, don't hesitate to email me about it. Thank you.

Hope you like the layout! =)

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