About this Layout

Pretty simple layout I'd say; easy to both understand and edit. So you shouldn't really have too much trouble working with this layout. ^~ This is a div layers called "The Best" featuring the main boy characters in Yu Yu Hakusho. Basically I just altered the top/main image with several brushes, enlightened it and changed the hue. So, yes, a fairly simple layout. ^^ Thanks to Agaru! Yuyu Hakusho for the top/main image!

Using this Layout

Pretty simple. Go to yyh_index.html and edit that file by replacing the contents and such with your own contents. And if you want to change the font/colors, go to yyhtb_style.css and edit that file to the font and/colors that you want. yyh_tbimg.jpg is the main image and yyh_tbbg.jpg is the layout's background; both are needed files for this layout so don't get rid of them please.


With this layout, I've included one extra image-->a blank button. You can use it for others to link back to you if you want(please don't forget to give me credit on the button if you do plan to use it ^^). Or you can delete it if you don't need it. Below's how it looks like:

Copyrights + Credits

In the navigation section, don't forget to change "your name/site" with your name or site name, too. And please, while editing the layout, do NOT remove the parts "-Credits" and "-Layout By-" and leave them below all your links and such. This is a linkware layout to note--give credit when and where it is needed. Please do not claim this layout as your own; that'd be plain rude. =( If you have any questions or concerns about this layout, please contact me at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com

Enjoy the layout, and thank you! ^^