about this layout
Hello, there. =) I hope you like this layout! I WAS going to make this layout as tables....but while working on it, it looked more suitable as a div layers layout. ^^;; Anyways, this div layers layout features Rinoa (backside view XD ) from Final Fantasy VIII. I also cut out whatever background was behind her (or more like in front of her, actually) and put in an abstract art, I made, instead. ^_- Thank you so much Eyes On Me for the (original) image of Rinoa!! ^__^

using it
All image files are apart of the layout, so don't delete any of them please. ^_- 'index.html' is your main file (aka main page), so edit 'index.html' and replace the contents in the menu and main sections with your own contents (do not get rid of the "credits" in the menu section, however). And if you want to change some of the fonts and/or colors, then you can go to 'style.css' for that and edit/update things to your own likings. =)

In the menu section, you'll see "credits" with two links below it. Please don't be mean and go claiming this layout as your own. Credit goes to Eyes On Me for providing the (original) image of Rinoa for this layout, as well as me (at Lovely Designs) for creating the layout, including the abstract featured, too. If you would prefer to not have the credits in the menu section, then create a separate Credits page and give credit to both sites there. If you have any other concerns prior to this layout, then you may contact me at the following email: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

Thank you, and enjoy the layout! =)

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