About the layout
I think this is the first Naruto layout I've ever made. ^^;;; I'm not really familiar with the anime; sorry about that. But since some people suggested that I make more Naruto graphics, I thought why not? ^_- Anyways, this is a div layers layout featuring some of the characters from the anime, Naruto. I hope it looks nice! Many thanks goes to Anime Cubed for the original image of that was used for this layout. ^__^

Using this layout
All image files included in the .zip file of this layout are a part of the layout--don't delete any of them, please. "index.html" is your webpage/homepage, so edit that file and replace the contents in the menu and section section with your own stuff (leave the Credits in the menu section there, however). And if you happen to not like some of the fonts and/or colors I've chosen for this layout, then you can go to "style.css" for that. ;]

Again, in the menu section, there is a "Credits" with two links below it. Please do not take away any of those links as long as you use this layout. Anime Cubed has the right to be credited for providing the original image of the Naruto characters of this layout, as well as me (at Lovely Designs) for creating this layout. So please don't be rude and claim this layout as your own. Or if you don't want the Credits to be in the menu section, then you can create a separate Credits page and (or if you have a Credits page, already) give credit to both sites there. If you have any other concerns prior to this layout, then contact me at the following email: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Enjoy this layout! ^_^

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