Hope you like this layout!! ^_^ It's a div layers layout, called "Rose Red." ^~ This is a non-anime/game related layout, so basically the credit fully goes to me for making it. Well, actually, I give many thanks to Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for it's filters that were used to make this layout. n_n Thankies to the program, too! ^^ This is a pretty simple layout--mainly for blogs or other small sites; but you can use this layout for any other type of site if you want: graphics, reviews, anime, etc.


Pretty simple. Basically all the image files are essential for this layout. Anyways, rose_index.html is your main file--so edit and pretty much replace the contents there with your own stuff. If you wanna do some editing with the .css, go to rose_style.css and add in/change/take out some things there if need be. rosered_divide1.jpg are the horizontal dividers used in the main contents section, while rosered_divide2.jpg is the horizontal divider for the links section. rosered_bg.jpg is the layout's background, and rosered_top.jpg is the main image.


With this layout, I also included an extra graphic that you may use; it's a blank button. You may use it for others to link back to you-don't forget to credit me, please. Otherwise, you can just delete it. ^__^ It's called rosered_bb.jpg; below's how it looks like:


In the links section, where it says 'Layout by' and a link to Lovely Designs--do NOT get rid of it and leave it there below all of your other links/contents in that section. I have a right to be credited for this layout you know. ^~;; Also, below the 'Layout by' part, don't forget to also replace "your name/site" with your name or site name, too.

Enjoy the "Rose Red" layout! ^^