About the Layout
Hope you like this layout!! ^_^ Features Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2. A small div layers layout basically. ^_~ No title for this layout, mind you. ^^;; Thanks to Final Fantasy X-2 Online for the images of Rikku.

Using the Layout
Simple really. ^_~ All the images in the .zip file are needed for this layout, so don't get rid of them. And remember to upload all the files and images in the same folder, or else everything won't work out good. rikku_index.html is your main file--so go there and replace the contents with you own. Don't forget to change the "title" to your site title or whatever you'd like it to be. And if you want to do any color changes and such with the font, scrollbar or hovers, then you can go to rikku_style.css for that. If you seem to have any problems, then please contact me, Rikku, via email at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com.

Credits and
In the menu section...there is a "Credits" part in there. Please, PLEASE leave it there. Final Fantasy X-2 Online has the right to be credited for the images, as well as Rikku Girl at Lovely Designs for creating the layout or putting it together. Also in the menu section, don't forget to change "Your name/site" to your name or site name.

Anyways....ENJOY!! ^__^