About the Layout
Whoo, my first Gackt layout! ^_^ Well...at least I think it is...don't ever remember making one before. ^^;;; Anyways, this layout (div layers) is titled "Hidden" and features the lovable Japanese pop singer, Gackt Camui! ^^ And yes, I purposely made the layout look faded and such...so it related better with the title. ^_~ Big thanks to Gackt Forever, the site where I found the image of Gackt!!! ^-^

Using the Layout
'h_index.html' is your "homepage" file. So go there and replace the contents in the main and menu section with your own contents (except the "Credits" in the menu section please...). And if you happen to not like the font (colors, size, type) or the scrollbar (colors) and would like to do some editing of that, then you can go to 'style.css' for that and change/add/delete things to your own liking. ^__^ All images contained within the .zip file are essential for the layout to work as well, so don't get rid of any of them.

In the menu section, you will see "Credits" with two site links below it. Considering this layout is a (free) linkware layout, please do not remove that. I (at Lovely Designs) have the right to be credited for creating this layout, as well as Gackt Forever for providing the (original) image of Gackt Camui as well. If you'd like to put the credits somewhere else, then just make a separate "Credits" page and give credit to both sites there. If you have any concerns with this layout, please contact me, via email, at sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Enjoy the layout!! ^-^

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