about the layout
One of my more simpler layouts that I have ever made. Yes, you're probably thinking that I was just too lazy to work on it more...but all-in-all, I really wasn't. I could've worked on this layout more--like make it more dramatic or detailed than it already is--but I decided to let this one get away as bandwidth friendly. ^_~ A nice layout for people who are worried on their bandwidth and would like to use a low bandwidth sucking layout for their site. LoL. Special thanks goes to Agaru! Yu Yu Hakusho for the image of Kurama in his human form, and Kurama in his demon form (Youko Kurama).

using the layout
All image files contained within the .zip file are essential to this layout--from the layout images to the background. Anyways, go to 'k_index.html'--that's your main file (aka homepage) or where all the coding for the layout is. Anyways, edit that and replace all the contents in the div layers with your own (leave the credit's section, though...). And if you want to do some color or font changing...just go to 'style.css' for that.

Where the menu is located, there is also the "credits" section. Rikku Girl at Lovely Designs deserves to be credited for putting the layout together, as well as Agaru! Yu Yu Hakusho for providing the original image of the layout. ^_^ Please don't remove the credits (since this is a free, linkware layout). However, if don't want it there, you can always make a seperate page for your credits, and give credit to both sites there. ^_~ If you have any questions or concerns with this layout, please email Rikku Girl at: sailorsaturn95@yahoo.com

Enjoy the layout!! ^__^

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